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Try our free tool: Quote It With Me

Students struggling with how to use quotes? How to evaluate sources?

Prolific Labs' new, free tool Quote It With Me
helps students learn to avoid plagiarism while turning the nuts and bolts of source citations into academic-quality quotations.

By treating the practice of quoting as a simple step-by-step process, QIWM turns a potentially mystifying compositional move into an easy-to-practice routine.

And that’s not all. QuoteItWith.Me ­gives students:

  1. Help spotting fake-news sources

  2. Tips for locating hard-to-find publication details

  3. Advice on balancing editorial perspectives

QuoteItWith.Me shows students how to take on tough sources and turn out quotes like an academic. It’s the sensible way to manage what can seem like an Internet buried in nonsense.

Assignment suggestion :
Have students visit QuoteItWith.Me and frame a dozen quotations from different sources. Through simple practice—guided by QIWM—students perform, repeat, and internalize the steps necessary to correctly introduce and attribute quotations.