About Prolific Labs

Prolific Labs is an Austin-based software and solutions company dedicated to teaching the world to write.

We recognize that writing is more important to knowledge workers in 2017 than at any time in the history of civilization.

We understand that knowledge workers write more in a day than college students do in an entire term.

But pedagogy, and the tools available to writers, remain largely unchanged.

We have a long game, not to disrupt the teaching of writing, but to bring novel tools to the process – helping writers practice more effectively and schools to manage the extraordinary demands of writing instruction.

Because until you can run a carefully argued essay, on a fresh topic never considered before, through a Scantron machine to create personalized, detailed feedback, educators must innovate and find ways to get more writing into their students’ lives.

Our first solution is QuoteItWith.me, a simple, targeted tool to help writers evaluate sources and integrate quotes into their writing. While straightforward, QuoteItWith.me is directional for us – it begins to show a future where ‘more writing’ doesn’t mean ‘more grading’ for teachers.