Andrew McCann

Code wrangler; prime mover.

Andrew has been obsessed with the ways people learn to write for years. He’s an engineer who taught writing for 10 years (to wave after wave of shellshocked first-year engineering students).

A serial entrepreneur, Andrew built Waypoint Outcomes, an early competency-based assessment solution, from an idea to acquisition by Bridgepoint Education (NYSE: BPI). He also develops Annotate, a commenting solution used by tens of thousands of students and instructors from middle school through law school.

Robert McCarthy

Truth speaker; product ninja.

Robert and Andrew met when Robert scaled a writing program at Ashford University from 20 instructors to 500 in less than 6 months by leveraging Waypoint Outcomes.

A writer and editor, Robert has published widely and worked with many authors to bring their visions to light.

An Iowa native and resident of Iowa City, Robert has to listen to Andrew crow about the weather in Austin on a near-daily basis.